Monday, 31 August 2015

Where does the urge to write come from?

This piece of fresco from Ancient Greece tells its own story. Who was the painter? Who commissioned the work? How were the colours prepared? How long has this fragment been separated from its fellows? Who found it? What was it like to stand in front of the whole picture? 

A story answers a question. A story explores ideas and helps us make sense of our lives. 

Writing the story down gives the writer time to think, time to organise ideas and answers.

Every new experience and encounter poses new questions, new ideas. Ideas and connections come together to make a story. 


Thursday, 27 August 2015


What amazing colours and textures.

That's pretty much how I've found the process of writing: intertwined, rich and free-moving. An image pops up, I play with it and see where it goes. That's the what. The how is harder. 

How to make the words work. Keeping those pesky commas in order. Follow the process.